EAA UL Chapter 62 Fly-in/Pig-out
Saturday, August 23, 2008
Rain or Shine!!

Schedule of Events

1:00 PM Flying activities end
1:30 – Pig-Out with music by our very own Mike Butts and the Fisher Field Runway Boys
3:00 Raffle
3:30 Special guest Judy Snow, a pilot from PYM, presents her experiences in the 2008 transcontinental air race for women pilots that has been flown since 1929 and once featured Amelia Earhart as a contestant.
3:45 Free Seminar: Ultralights, Light Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot Overview
Kids Briefing (All kids who want to participate in the candy drop must attend)

4:30 Candy Drop for children
Pilot Briefing for The Parade of Flight

5:00 - 5:15 Pilots prepare aircraft and equipment for Parade of Flight
(Pilots will be doing Pre-flight inspections, testing radios etc. Please stand back and allow pilots quiet preparation time during this period)
5:15 Parade of Flight takeoff
5:45 Parade of Flight and Candy drop ends – Open flying restarts
Dark: The music starts – flying may continue until 1/2 hour after sunset
If you are flying in ...
We plan to use North-South runways (36 or 18) only. If wind or safety conditions dictate otherwise, changes will be covered during the pilot briefings.

2500’ grass runway (suitable for ultralight & light aircraft only).

Incoming aircraft should identify themselves, inquire for active runway, and state their intention 5 miles out on 122.75.

Calm wind runway is 36. For 36 we fly a Left downwind, a Right downwind if 18.

There is a utility pole-line under the downwind path, when in downwind you should fly above or just outside of this pole line.

Pattern Altitude is 800’MSL. Field elevation is 120'.

GPS co-ordinates: 41.52.43 N – 70.50.61 W

All Pilots flying during the event will be required to complete a waiver of liability form.

If you will need fuel and/or oil for your return trip, notify a UL62 Staff Member as early as possible.