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Are You Ready For An Adventure

Located less than 30 miles west of Boston in the town of Stow you will find an aviator’s paradise called Crow Island Airpark. For over 30 years this 2300’ grass airstrip has been a hotbed for pilots flying a variety of aircraft including, trikes, ultralights, vintage taildraggers, seaplanes, hang gliders, powered paragliders, powered parachutes, RC aircraft and more.

The trikes found at Crow Island Airpark are truly motorcycles of the sky, offering the ultimate open cockpit sensation. These weight-shift control aircraft provide incredible flight performance and unparalleled views of the New England countryside.

You may also choose to fly a piece of history in one of our restored classic aircraft from the 1940’s, the same type of aircraft that was used to train 80 percent of the United States military pilots during WWII.

Aviators at Crow Island can introduce you to Air America, a flight school that specializes in Light Sport Aircraft. If you decide sport flying is for you, Air America’s flight instructors can furnish you with all the required flight training for you to become an FAA licensed pilot. Due to noise abatement concerns our training flights are conducted at neighboring public airports.