Flight Instruction Rates

The basic training rate is $150 per Lesson,  average 1.5 hours (30 minutes ground and 60 minutes flight).  Lessons that exceed 1 hour flight time will be prorated at $150 per hour rate.

Discovery Flight $80 for 30min or $160 for 1 hour, this is basically your first lesson.

 $50 per hour for additional ground instruction.

Practical Test Prep Same as training rates.  Expect 3 hours of flight training (required by FAA) and 2-3 hours of ground.

Sport Pilot Proficiency Check $350 (includes aircraft).

Flight Review $250

Instruction in your aircraft $80 per Hour

All training Flights are provided by Air America. Due to noise abatement concerns training flights are conducted at neighboring public airports.

For more information contact Air America at: (978) 273-7460