The New Lambada '08 is a one of a kind, two seat, side by side, aircraft.
It is truly a universal S-LSA sport plane, that can be flown as a motorized cruiser at 120mph or as a 49ft wingspan motor glider with the glide ratio of 30:1.
Its roomy flight deck with great visibility makes it a very eye catching platform.
100 lbs of baggage can be transported under the wing in a large compartment that will accommodate anything a couple of pilots need for a fun trip.
The wing span is 42 ft, and with the included standard wingtip extenders, the span goes to a whopping 49 ft.
The 12 G wings and the horizontal stabilizer can be easily removed for storage alongside the fuselage on two gear wing cradles.
The 912 Rotax engine will achieve climb rates of 1600 ft/min and can be shut down for soaring flight, and the propeller can be fully feathered.
Usefull load of over 600lbs allows for two 200lbs pilots, 100lbs of luggage and full fuel in both wing tanks of 26 gallons to fly over 800miles!
I want one!