Crow Island Aviators.......... No gasoline is to be stored at Crow Island
Rob is having some issues with the town right now and below are a few new rules.......... I know we do not like new rules; but we need to do a few things to manage risk to Crow Island and our ability to enjoy our flying their.

Per Rob

1. No Gasoline is to be stored in any containers at Island.
So when you need to gas up, bring your container, carefully fill your plane and take the container back home with you.

No antifreeze, No gear oil, no petroleum products or potentially hazardous chemicals are to be stored anywhere at Crow Island.

Any containers found having such substances will be removed.

We went thru both large hangers today and removed all such items and have placed them in the locked little hanger.

Aviators have till Sunday at 9am to collect their "gasoline and Chemicals. After 9am on Sunday we will remove all remaining containers in the little hanger.

2. Extra attention to housekeeping is needed.

This means if you get a new wing, you need to take the responsibility and dispose of the cardboard, crate, rubbish etc.

3. The railroad gates are to be locked at all times; this means whether you are coming or leaving you need to lock the gates each way and each time.

4. Special attention must be given to the "no fly zone" to the houses to the west. This is an absolute must.

If you have any questions, call Rob at his cell or home or me at 978-407-1066.

Thanks for your help in Keeping Crow Island a great place,

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