Hi all. I just read John’s (AKA RED BARON) e-mail about next weeks first club meeting. So I have decided to write this e-mail and give you all an opportunity to add anything you think worthy to our first meetings agenda. Please note that the agenda I am presenting and those items you wish to add are only a start and if the majority at the meeting thinks the item untimely or irrelevant we can quickly proceed to the next.

So here are my ideas.

1. Finalize vote for club name. (anyone note able to attend should send a note to our secretary Tabor Coates with his or her vote) I believe using write in votes should be allowed.

2. Vote on club dues a. if needed b. how much c. when collected d. what funds to be used for.

3. Set up a safety board. As Crow island gets more and more pilots and aircraft I believe this will be a crucial issue.

4. Set up a fun board to come up with club fly-ins , trips , weekend contests (bomb drops , landing etc) or anything else we can think up.

5. Decide if we wish to pursue any affiliations with EAA APOA etc

6. Decide how long elected club officers stay in office and set dates for voting.

Above are some of the issues I feel need to be addressed please feel free to add your own or just bring them with you at the meeting. I believe a club at Crow Island can make our flying experience safer and more enjoyable. I just read a recent article in one of the flying magazines about a guy who had gotten a sport pilots license then found he was loosing interest. Then a group got together for the purpose of weekend flights

which renewed this guys interest and now enjoys flying more then ever. This is the kind of thing that makes having a club fun and worth having.


Arvin Cook

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