Some of the folks flying at Crow Island have been talking about forming a sport aviation club. This has been discussed and kicked about for a few months now. It is now time to get of the stool so to speak. Rob Albright would like to have a hangar finishing party this week end. So with this in mind we will have the first meeting of the club. The day will be Sunday 9-9-07 and will commence after the hangar raising at 12 noon. We would like all interested parties to attend , if you can’t make the Hangar raising (which will commence at 9:30 after any good flying time) please make the club meeting. The club will be open to anyone interested in sport aviation whether you fly or just like the idea of it. You don’t need to be a pilot or an aspiring pilot just an airhead. The idea of the club will be to promote safety, fun, and support for all members. We will need to come up with a name as well as elect club officers, discuss meeting times and general club agendas. So come one come all.
Arvin Cook
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