On 10 May, 2007, at Crow Island in Stow Mass, a world record was probably set.
10 “heavy ultra lights” were awarded airworthiness certificates and entered the world of ELSA. Eight trikes and 2 fixed wing aircraft were propelled…..some kicking and screaming….but propelled none the less…into the light sport world!

The efforts of the team from the FSDO in Lexington, Mass., and Rob Albright and Tabor Coates of Air America resulted in a notable achievement in the race to beat the looming deadline for the conversion of many from ultra light to sport aircraft status.

Along with the participants who lined up…paperwork in hand….at the FAA table, there were many onlookers checking to see how they will do when it comes time to turn their toy into an LSA.

Hurry up guys! Jan 31, 2008 approaches and if you miss, you get a giant booby prize that you cannot even use as a flower box!

The enclosed pictures show some of the participants and the event at Crow Island, which is turning into a center of trike flying and instruction in the New England area.

The answer to the obvious question is yes. All those trikes fit into the big hanger. The small one contains the float equipped trikes, but that’s another story.
Tim Sullivan
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