Attached was a note stating that the FAA will "guarantee" that
your paper work will be processed if you adhere to the following

1. By Aug. 15, 2007, you submit your aircraft registration (N-number)
request to the Aircraft Registration office; and
2. By Oct. 1, 2007 you call your local ELSA DAR to schedule your ELSA
airworthiness inspection; and
3. By Nov. 30, 2007, you submit your aircraft airworthiness
certification request packet to either a FAA Flight Standards District
Office) (FSDO), a FAA Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO),
or your local ELSA DAR. Ask your local ELSA DAR which office should
receive this packet.

If you fail to complete the above steps, the FAA cannot guarantee
they'll be able to complete your ELSA registration and certification
inspection process prior to the Jan. 31, 2008 deadline."